An Inspiring Example!!

An Inspiring Example!!
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A Kashmiri bureaucrat and his spouse have enrolled their daughter in a government school. Given this rather revolutionary step, it is worth to name these trail blazing parents: Dr Peerzada Farhat and Ms. Rafiya Rashid. While both Dr. Bhat and Ms. Rashid have their own reasons for enrolling their child in a government school, it should serve as an inspiring example for others if not to follow but emulate their decision. It amounts to stating the obvious that education afforded and imparted at Government schools is sub standard, and of terrible quality. And, it has become fashionable or even the default reflex of parents to admit their children in private schools. This very fact or trend makes the decision of Dr. Farhat and Ms. Rashid extraordinary. Are they taking a risk and playing with the future of their child? No is the unqualified answer. This is not a case of irrational exuberance at the good couple’s extraordinary decision but a prosaic fact. Education, at the end of the day, is a holistic , evolutionary and systemic process in which the immediate family and even society is part of- especially primary education. So, while schools and schooling matters, it is also other factors that go into the input side of education. Moreover, one reason , besides the shoddy provision of education in government schools – the supply side- is concerned- is that oftentimes , it is people from the vulnerable classes that, by necessity, enroll their children in government schools. Given that, unfortunately, the parents are not very highly educated, it is easy for government school administrations and teachers to take fob them and take them for granted. Once and when, people from the middle classes enroll their wards in government schools, there will be what may be called accountability from below. The downward pressure created by these parents will lead to improved education- both in terms of input(s) and outcome(s). Everyone will benefit. The net beneficiary will be society and all social and economic classes. In the final analysis, The decision of Dr. Farhat and Ms. Rashid- because of its bold and beautiful is then in the nature of trail blazing one which should be emulated by the rest of society. Good education is for all and not merely the prerogative of the select, privileged few!

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