Saeed Naqvi visits IUST: ‘One TV prog divided the whole world’

Saeed Naqvi visits IUST: ‘One TV prog divided the whole world’
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AWANTIPORA: Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (DJMC) at the Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) organised a interaction session with veteran journalist and author, Saeed Naqvi, on his recently released book, ‘Being the Other: The Muslim in India’.
Speaking on the occasion on Tuesday, Naqvi said the present day sufferings find their causes somewhere in the history. “The book, which is based on the Muslim community of India, was written in the context that we are suffering and we will continue to suffer,” said Naqvi.
Naqvi deliberated on the history of communism and colonialism in Afghanistan and the defeat of Soviet Union. He also spoke about the foundation of Mujahideen by America.
Talking about the power of media, Naqvi gave an example of Iraq-American war, where the world was divided into two “antithetic audiences”, in which one triumphed and the other was defeated.
“It was one television programme that divided the whole world into two audiences—one victorious and the other defeated,” he said, adding that it was for the first time in the history that world was experiencing war in the living rooms. Naqvi has covered major wars across the world ranging from 1971 Bangladesh War to 2011 Syrian Civil War.
Speaking about the political imbalance in the world, Vice Chancellor IUST, Prof Mushtaq A Siddiqi said, democracy does not work in the current world due to prevalent hate politics. “Because of some hate mongers around the world, who have come up as the leaders, I believe present day democracies have failed their societies,” said the VC.
Requesting journalists to play a responsible role in bridging the gaps in perceptions held by people, Prof Siddiqi said, “People in Kashmir need a solution and journalists have the caliber to bridge the gap between the perceptions of Kashmiri people and those of Delhi.”
Speaking on the occasion, noted historian and founder Vice Chancell r IUST, Prof Siddiq Wahid, appreciated the efforts of journalists and termed them as “real professors” of the world.
“While professors have turned into bureaucrats nowadays, journalists have assumed the role of professors,” said Prof Wahid, who moderated the interaction session.

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