BJP attacks NC, condemns demand for inquiry commission

BJP attacks NC, condemns demand for inquiry commission
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Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir BJP Wednesday hit out at the National Conference (NC) for terming the state government “corrupt and intolerant”, saying people knew who their “well-wisher” was.
The opposition NC had on Tuesday appealed to the Centre to set up an inquiry panel for conducting an audit of the money being pumped for the state’s development, and had accused the Jammu and Kashmir government of being “corrupt and intolerant”.
The NC’s provincial president and MLA Devender Singh Rana made the appeal after he walked out of a review meeting of the Jammu District Development Board along with party legislator Kamal Arora.
“We condemn the demand for a commission of inquiry based on perceived irregularities.
The NC is facing so many acknowledged scams and they must worry about resolving them,” the BJP’s state spokesperson, Anil Gupta, said in a statement here.
The BJP leader said that the alleged scams in the Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association and the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) need to be handed over to the CBI so that those involved are exposed.
“The party (NC) which has encouraged separatism, carries a tunnel vision for the region, is the architect of regional discrimination and divisive politics… and will never be accepted by the people of Jammu, let alone being their voice,” he said.
“The people of Jammu are intelligent enough to understand as to who their well-wisher is and who is trying to exploit their sentiments for narrow political gains, because they are fully aware of the ideology of the party to which these leaders belong,” Gupta said.
On remarks by Rana that his party would launch a campaign to make the “corrupt government” accountable, and expose its irregularities and failures, he said, “Frustrated with their failures to get public support, the NC leaders are now resorting to threats of terrorising BJP workers.”


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