Constitute specialised crime team to investigate braid-chopping, HC directs police

Constitute specialised crime team to investigate braid-chopping, HC directs police
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Srinagar: The high court on Wednesday asked the state police to constitute a ‘specialized crime team’ to curb the rising incidents of braid-chopping. The division bench headed by Chief Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey remarked that to deal with such nature of crimes, the police department needs to form a specialized team.
“That team shall comprise of experts like photographer, fingerprint analyzer, a technical expert and a weapon analyzer. The specialized team shall also collect the evidences from the spot to help the investigating agency to nab the culprits,” the bench said.
Consequent to the court’s previous direction on mapping of the places f crime occurrence, the state counsel BA Dar submitted a relevant report furnished by the police. However, the court observed that the mapping was done in tabular form and “was not proper”.
“The crime mapping must be done on the map of each district indicating the incidents along with date and time,” Justice Durrez said.
The state counsel lamented the non-cooperation of victims and witnesses. “Not a single person could be traced because of the non- corporation of victims and witnesses with the police,” Dar said.
Advocate Hilal Akbar Lone who had moved a public interest litigation following a series of braid-chopping incidents described the police approach as tardy. “If the media is able to record the statements of brain-chopping victims, why can’t the police do the same,” he said. Lone submitted written and the digital evidences of the incidents of braid-chopping reported from various districts.
The court ordered him to handover useful evidences to IGP Kashmir who will pass it further to concerned authorities. He was also directed to make personal efforts in taking a victim or witness to concerned police station.
Advocate Lone said that the womenfolk in the state are traumatized and help from court was their only hope. “The spray used to make woman unconscious is not available in the market, but is coming from some other place which police should investigate. The spray is used as defense by army and BSF,” he remarked. The state was also asked to produce a case diary so that court could know how the government was going about the case.
The court also directed the state to produce the results of investigation done in Jammu. “If people are hostile here, get the results from Jammu division,” the court ordered.
Justice Durrez said, “We are serious about the matter. This is not the matter of Kashmir alone. It has happened in Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu and other states. Don’t make it a problem of Kashmir. Some people are trying to localize this problem.”
The State report said that 264 incidents of braid-chopping have been reported in Jammu while in Kashmir 150 such incidents have occurred. “No person has been arrested in this connection,” the report said.



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