Resistance leaders, activists protest at Lal Chowk

Resistance leaders, activists protest at Lal Chowk
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SRINAGAR: Several resistance leaders and activists on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest against the NIA’s “intimidation”, incarceration of thousands of Kashmiris, and “oppression” in the Valley.
A statement issued by the joint resistance leadership (JRL) said that several leaders and activists from various pro-freedom organisations gathered at Lal Chowk and staged a peaceful protest.
“Putting people in jails, intimidations and threats amount to trampling of democratic and human norms,” the JRL statement said. “A nation that has been facing military and police wrath of Indian occupation from last 70 years cannot be intimidated by jails, NIA and other acts of state sponsored aggression.”
The statement said that thousands, including ailing women leaders Aasiya Andrabi and her associate Sofi Fehmeeda, are “facing Indian oppression” in jails.
They said Shabir Ahmad Shah, Ayaz Akbar, Shahid ul Islam, Altaf Ahmad Shah , Meraj ud din Kalwal, Pir Saif ullah, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Farooq Ahmad Dar, businessman Zahoor Ahmad Watali, journalist Kamran Yousuf and farmer Javed Ahmad have been put behind bars by NIA and ED (Enforcement Directorate) on “concocted charges”, while Bashir Ahmad Rather (Boya), Moulana Sarjan Barkati, Atif Hassan, Irfan Ahmad, Amir Hamza, Mir Hafizullah, Muhammad Yousuf Falahi, Abdul Gani Bhat, Muhammad Rafiq Ganaie, Muhammad Yousuf Baghwan and many more remain in jails under the “black law” of Public Safety Act (PSA).
“All this is being done in the name of so-called democracy and by raising the bogey of law and order,” the JRL said. “On one hand, NIA is busy in terrorising people through intimidations and on the other hand, a malicious propaganda against Kashmiri resistance leaders, activists, businessmen and Ulema is going on unabated on various Indian TV channels and media houses. Kashmiris are, on daily basis, being abused, accused and demonised by so-called anchors that are acting like foot soldiers and mercenaries of Indian occupational forces.”
Hailing the recent report of Amnesty International on use of pellet guns in Kashmir, the JRL said, “Amnesty has rightly raised concern about the miseries of Kashmiris and we (hope) they will (also) raise the question of thousands of Kashmiris languishing in jails and highlight the hardships these people are facing at the hands of so-called biggest democracy.”



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