Sans female technician at Sopore hospital, ladies skip ECG

Sans female technician at Sopore hospital, ladies skip ECG
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Sopore: Many female patients especially the pregnant women turn to private scan centres or hospitals for electrocardiogram (ECG) as the important body probe is conducted by male technicians at sub-district hospital of Sopore.
The ECG is a crucial test and generally required before surgery. The probe checks the pulse rate of a patient and pregnant ladies supposed to undergo caesarean are invariably asked to undergo the probe. The test involves applying a gel to the chest area with electrodes fixed with the skin. “Most women who come from different places in and around Sopore to the government sub district hospital hesitate to get the test done by male staff,” said a hospital staff. “They prefer to go to private hospitals against and spending anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 200 for the test.”
“I am working in a Minor Operation Theatre (MOT) for the past two years and it was once during last year when a female technician was hired in ECG section. After a month’s time, due to some unknown reasons, she was fired,” he said. Several patients and their attendants told Kashmir Reader that lack of female staff in the ECG room become a major hurdle for many women to undergo the crucial test anf force them to approach the alternate places including private clinics.
Block Medical Officer Dr Sami said that trained technicians would be hired to man the ECG equipment and it there was no gender specification for job.

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