Vendors occupy pavements, illegal parking rampant

Vendors occupy pavements, illegal parking rampant

People manage traffic in absence of cops

SRINAGAR: There is no let up in traffic congestion in the city centre as roadside parking and occupying of pavements by vendors – the stretch between Amira Kaldal to Jahangir-Chowk appears to be the worst affected. The stretch witnesses bumper-to-bumper traffic throughout the day.
Just a few meters away from the Amira Kadal Bridge, vendors, pushcarts and illegally parked auto rickshaws carry out their business, clogging the road. Hundreds of traders park their vehicles on either side of the road.
While Traffic Police maintains that illegal parking is their concern and the authority to move the vendors lies with the municipality, people manage traffic by themselves. Abdul Rehman Dar, a bus driver said, “The irony is not even a single traffic policeman comes to clear the mess. Our conductors clear this portion of the roads almost every day”.
Dar’s bus was stuck on the Amirakadal Bridge for over fifteen minutes. He alleged that traffic department and Srinagar Municipal Corporation officials are not doing their duty honestly. “Our leaders say that there has been a court order to remove them in order to allow smooth traffic movement but they (authorities) are not implementing it,” he said.
Basher Ahmad Rather, another min-bus driver who operates from Lal-Chowk to Dargah said that it usually takes him 15 minutes or more to pass through Maharaji-Bazar. “People rebuke us unnecessarily, if you see the traffic mess inside Maharaji-Bazar, no two people can walk together. Hundreds of fruit sellers have placed their pushcarts on the both sides of the narrow road,” he said.
SSP Trafic, Sargan Shkula aggress that Amira-Kadal junction witnessed massive traffic mess. She, however, says that her office can only deal with illegal parking. “We have started placing fines on people who park their vehicles on the roads. We are trying to convey a message to people that they are acting as a barrier in the smooth traffic movement,” she said. Shkula says that a number of traffic police cops have been deployed at various places like hospitals and schools, “which cannot be compromised at any cost”, which is why the stretch is not manned.

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