Sad Plight!

Sad Plight!

As a clear cut ethnic cleansing takes place in the Rakhine state of Myanmar of Rohingya Muslims, the world watches as a mute spectator. This “cleansing” of Rohingya Muslims can potentially mutate and morph into genocide. But, to repeat, the world is watching. No lessons, it would appear, have been learnt from the genocide in Rwanda which exacted a death toll of hundreds and thousands of people. The deafening silence of the international community, world and regional powers is not only criminal but also constitutes sheer negligence. The reasons for the silence and inaction of world powers and the international community appear to accrue from a whole host of reasons: one , the Rohingya Muslims do not have heft and clout; two, there no material and tangible interests involved in the case of these hapless people; and , three, these people are Muslims. The ethnic conflict in Burma with Rohingyas at the centre, harks back to the mono-cultural identity of Myanmar where a Buddhist majority deems Rohingya Muslims as aliens. Historically, the Rohingya Muslims have been overtly discriminated against in all spheres of life and sought to be excluded. But, since the past few years, things have come to a pass where violence is directed against them to actually purge Myanmar of Rohingya Muslims. Despite the overt nature of the purge in the form of ethnic cleansing, there is no action in the sphere of a humanitarian intervention in Myanmar. Admittedly, the Myanmar government, is indulging in its atrocities towards Rohingya Muslims under the shield of sovereignty. But, this shield, has been somewhat abrogated by the enunciation of the Responsibility to Protect(R2P) by the United Nations. The very scale of the disaster unfolding in Myanmar should activate the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect and hold the Myanmar regime in the crosshairs of the international community. Besides this, one other step that can and must be taken is to strip Aung Su Ki of her Nobel Prize. Clearly, she through her acts of omission is implicated in the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims. The Muslim nations of the world must also do their bit to put pressure on the International Community and raise the costs of inaction. An epic disaster is unfolding in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. It is about time that the international community wakes up to its responsibilities and stave off an ethnocide of Rohingya Muslims. Omission and inaction would constitute criminal abdication of responsibility.


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