Divine Unity

Divine Unity

Hundreds and thousands of Muslims, across the world, will be and are in the midst of performing the Hajj. The hajj is an incumbent duty(fard) upon Muslims who are financially and physically able to perform it. It is a fundamental aspiration of Muslims to perform the Hajj. The Hajj through various rituals testifies to Divine Unity of Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta’la and by corollary , the ummah. It is an intense experience which is spiritually and morally uplifting and it reorients Muslims towards the Divine and the luminous. It would behoove all of us- be they actual Hajjis or those not performing the Hajj- to actually understand the nature and import of the Hajj and engage in both introspection and stock taking. The condition of the Muslim world is in disarray. Be it the fighting fields of Iraq and Syria or other places where there is conflict, by our very practice(s), we Muslims go against both the spirit of the Hajj and Islam. Divine and prosaic unity is the cardinal essence of Islam. Yet, we squabble and fight with each other, going against the fundamental essence of Islam. We , Muslims, must adhere to both the form and spirit of Islam. If we introspect , understand and adhere to the foundational spirit of Islam, then verily there would be no cause for conflict. Moreover, the rationale and spirit of the Hajj should teach us values of humility, integrity, ethics and morality in the broader framework of Islam. This should reflect in our daily lives. Peace will then automatically prevail. The Eid al Adha which is a component of the Hajj commemorating the spirit of sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) will be celebrated in Kashmir tomorrow. On this auspicious day, again we should conform and correspond to the spirit of the Hajj and Islam. Both eloquently remind us to lead lives of simplicity and austerity. Ye, in practice, it is observed that extravagance is the norm than the exception on Eid. This is not to state that Eid must not be celebrated. Yes, it must and has to be celebrated but with proportion keeping in mind the poor and the vulnerable sections of society. In fact, the poor and the vulnerable must be sought out and help and assistance accorded to them. In sum then, let us all use the auspicious time of the Hajj and the Eid al Adha to indulge in introspection and review and tailor our lives to the spirit of both.

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