Budgam villages face acute water crisis, womenfolk suffer

Budgam villages face acute water crisis, womenfolk suffer

BUDGAM: For decades the people of central district Budgam are craving for portable water and womenfolk are forced to walk miles to fetch drinking water.
Every day the womenfolk could be seen with buckets and pitchers filled with water carrying home on dilapidated road.
Though the officials hope that the new master plan may end their woes but the area is facing an emergent water crisis, leaving 10,000 people with no access to clean drinking water.
Residents have been forced to drink contaminated water or wait for hours in the long queues to fetch water from the adjoining villages.
“This is not the first time that surrounding areas in Aarath, some 18 kilometers from Srinagar city, have suffered major water shortages in last thre decades,” a local Wajid Ahmad said.
“We rely on little water. People here are in bad condition due to the water crisis,” he noted.
“We don’t expect anything else from you. Please arrange drinking water for us,” a local woman told in a message to legislator Agha Ruhullah.
Villagers say that Wahabpora water supply scheme commissioned and built in early 1990s has failed to keep up with the water demands of the area because of the growing population and the slow accumulation of silt in the reservoir and the corroded pipelines,” a former zonal education officer Abdul Rahim Lone said.
“Arath is at the tail end of the water-supply scheme,” he said adding it could be the reason for the failure of the scheme.
Lone said the public health engineering department is laying 4- inch pipeline in the area but it would again turn out to be a failure given the demand of the area. Instead, he suggested, 6-inch pipeline must be laid for the requirements of the local population.
These are being grounded under the new master plan but we request government to replace these 4inch pipes with the 6 inches, then it is possible that it may cater the woes of the whole area.
District Magistrate Mohammad Haroon Malik told Kashmir Reader that the new pipeline would cater to the demands of local population. He said the villagers are creating hurdles in laying pipeline that has delayed the execution of the project.
Legislator Aga Syed Rahulla refused to speak on the issue on phone. He asked this reporter to meet him personally for details.


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