Drugmulla bridge awaits completion for 15 years

Drugmulla bridge awaits completion for 15 years
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SRINAGAR: For one and half decades, the construction work is continuing at snail’s pace in Dragmulla area of north Kashmir over a 450-meters vital bridge. The bridge would reconnect Hatmulla, Shatwari, Krishpora, Nagri and Gushi villages with Drugmulla.
“The work on the bridge was started during the year 2002 and till now only a little work has been carried out on the bridge,” Bashir Ahmad, a local resident said.
“There is construction activity on the bridge only on special occasions when someone from the administration is visiting to visit the area. Once the visitor from the administration leaves, the workers follow suit,”Mohammad Syed, another local said.
A boat rows between the two banks of the river and villagers pay the boatman for ferrying them. However, it becomes difficult during heavy downpour when the boatman is not able to sail the boat due to rise in water level. This leaves the entire area cut off from major routes including those leading to hospitals, schools and market places.
“The administration has forgotten us long ago. Whenever we have to travel from Chake-Dragmulla to main market we have to cross the river using boats. Women are the worst sufferers of the apathy of the concerned department, sometimes they have an emergency and it takes them to complete a distance of one kilometre in more than one hour,” said Mohammad Afzal Bhat.
According to the residents, the people have to accompany their children to the boat and are always apprehensive about their well-being during cross over. “During the rainy days, we don’t send our wards to schools,” he said.
The aggrieved commuters appealed to the concerned department to complete the bridge, so that they don’t have to face such problems.
Interestingly, the DC Kupwara and MD JKPCC are unaware of the project.


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