The Writer’s Death: His Death was His Life…

The Writer’s Death: His Death was His Life…

By Mir Umar

“Writing is a struggle against silence” – Carlos Fuentes

Centuries ago, Rome was under the autocratic rule of a king. Rome was completely turned to garrison state in which people lived as slaves. People were denied to live their way of life. The tyrants rule had forced people to leave their homes and to live as strangers in other countries. The autocratic government was denying the rights of people to live a free life. People were being mercilessly killed and butchered. Those who raised their voice against occupation were pushed behind bars or killed. People were also pushed to do forced labour. The autocratic king who was ruling at that time was William Ostwald. He was a selfish, greedy and tyrant ruler. He had pushed the people of Rome towards ignorance. There was a total desperate silence among people against the occupation because they feared of dire consequences. People who were raising their voice were being killed. William Ostwald had suppressed the people of Rome. There was a growing hate among people against tyranny which was itself a sign of revolution. But it was all waiting for a person who could lead their struggle forward and shape it.
Among the population of Rome, there lived a man namely James Bell. He was a writer by profession who had studied abroad. He had returned to his motherland temporary but when he saw the tyranny on people, he decided to shape the struggle of the people. He was an intelligent and a clever man. He was young so and he rebelled tyranny. But from past experiences and what he had heard, he tried to contribute to the freedom struggle in a different way. His desire for contributing to the struggle was taking him to the heights of respect. Being a writer, he decided to take up his pen against tyrant’s rule. So he began to write.
On the other side, the news of this peaceful struggle reached the ears of King William Ostwald. King tried a number of ways to stop James Bell but did not succeed. James continued to write against the autocratic rule, against injustice done by the king on the people. His ideas were his ammunition; the pen was his gun and words were his bullets. His work was acclaimed, read and adored by the people of Rome. In little time, he had reached numerous numbers of people which was an alarming sign for the King and its occupation. He had convinced a lot of people to raise their voice against the tyranny without fear. His literary work was becoming a symbol of resistance. The King tried to give death threats to James Bell to prevent him from writing. But James didn’t give up and he tried to indulge more on freedom writing. Now, King Ostwald tried to teach him a lesson.
It was one dark night when dusk had fallen in the city of Rome. Only the barking of dogs was resonating in the surroundings. James Bell was in his house. He had completed his writing, now he was locking his literary work into his wardrobe. Two masked men appeared on the door steps of James’s house. They had protected their face from identifying by the black mask with only their bulging eyes open. There was a knock on the door. James became curious with his lips trembling, “Who is this?” he said. There was no reply from the other side of the door. The two masked men were waiting for James to open up his door. They had come to kill him. When James slightly opened up his door, bullets were fired at him, which pierced through his chest and gunshots that resonated in the air. In seconds, James fell to the ground and blood oozing out from his body. In a moment, there was a total lull. The two masked men entered into his room furiously and tried to check out his work but the voice of people from the surrounding made them to escape. They were unsuccessful in detaining the work of James which he had written from years. Only few copies of his literary work came to their hand and they escaped. The two men reached the King Ostwald and made him happy with the news of James’s death. It was the men of king who shot at James and made him to experience death. But the king’s happiness couldn’t stay for a long time because the literary work of James was still there safe, which was enough for people.
After the death of James, people adopted his literary work into the struggle. Pen was his tool of resistance against tyranny. The writings of James liberated the people first from the slavery of their minds. His work inspired more number of people and the new generation writers of Rome. He was a man of vision. There was a vision in people’s mind which was bought by James through his work. The bricks of occupation were sliding away by the intense resistance of people. Finally, the occupation turned over and people lived a happy and dignified life. James death proved to be fruitful for the people. After all, James’s work was a key to the freedom of Rome.

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