People resent shifting of Tehsil office in Budgam

People resent shifting of Tehsil office in Budgam

Budgam: Visitors to the Tehsil office Budgam are resenting the shifting of the office from the town centre to Degree College Budgam, some two kilometres from the spot.
“We will storm the Revenue office if it is not shifted back to its original place,” a delegation told Kashmir Reader on Wednesday.
They said the applicants have to travel two kilometre distance even for the attestation of state subject and other minor works, and that there was no transport facility to the new site.
They said that earlier in 2010 the office was gutted and shifted to another building near SOG camp, and the people were facing similar problems.
“In 2015 the office was relocated to the original place in the residential place of A.D.C and old block of Tehsil. But in July-2017 this year the administration shifted the office near degree college,” Farooq Ahmad a delegation member told Kashmir Reader.
“There is no traffic facility for the public who come to visit the office for multiple purposes. They are being forced to travel by foot even in the scorching heat,” he said.
Ali Muhammad, a septuagenarian said the location was more challenging for women and the aged.
“I am in my early seventies. I am not able to walk on foot for a long distance that too on the hot days,” Ali Mohammad said.
Though the new block is multi-storeyed, it lacks basic facilities like water, electricity, and washrooms.
An employee in the office said, on the basis of anonymity, that they were facing a lot of problems in the block;
“We have no access to the computer, no water, no electricity, no fans,” he said.
He added that though the building has 10 washrooms none was functional. There is no transformer, no geysers installed by the contractor till date.
District Commissioner Budgam, could not be reached for his response.

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