Water shortage irks people of Baramulla colony

Water shortage irks people of Baramulla colony

Baramulla: The residents of Medina colony Kanispora in Baramulla district are up in arms against the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department because of shortage of drinking water in the colony.
The residents said they have to travel long distances to obtain potable water.
A water supply scheme meant for the area is unable to cater to the needs, as colony is located at tail end of the supply, they said.
“The pressure of the water is such that even a glass takes several hours to get filled” said Ghulam Rasool, a local resident.
Another resident alleged that the colony had expanded over a vast area and was facing water shortage from past several areas.
“ It is very unfortunate that in the present age of technology where the people now think of higher standards, we are being deprived of the basic amenities of life” Shakeela Begam, another resident said.
Another water supply scheme, the residents said, has been recently established on River Jhelum “ironically for a particular colony namely Millet colony”.
They claimed that if it was upgraded in an appropriate manner then the problem could have been curtailed to some extent.
They appeal the local legislator to look into the problem.

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