Resistance leaders should disassociate with violence: Singh

Resistance leaders should disassociate with violence: Singh

SRINAGAR: Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh on Monday said that resistance leaders should dissociate themselves from the “ongoing violence” to create a conductive atmosphere for dialogue. Dialogue cannot he held at gunpoint, he said.
“Talks cannot be held at gunpoint. Talks cannot happen by killing innocents, attacking pilgrims and police officers,” Singh said in an interaction with reporters.
“People who want to talk should come forward and say that they are ready. They should dissociate themselves from the ongoing violence before they do this,” Singh added.
“A Parliamentary delegation came here (last year) but they shut the doors. Dialogue needs an atmosphere, which is not there. These people do not want dialogue,” the BJP leader said.
Asked about the draping of slain militants in Islamic State flags, Singh said it was a cause of concern.
“This is a cause of concern and those who say this is a political issue, those who talk about the disintegration of India, should understand this. They should understand, and I think they do understand, that this is radicalisation in which there is no room for any other thinking,” he said.
“The way (Zakir) Musa threatened to hang Hurriyat leaders, people should understand that their aim (of militants) is the murder of humanity and attack on Sufism and inclusive thinking,” he said.
Singh said that Kashmiris were peace-loving and that was why everybody condemned the attack on Amarnath pilgrims.
“Nobody can deny the reality. Those who are trying to mislead the people cannot deny that,” he said. “What happened with Deputy Superintendent of Police (Ayub) Pandith, Lieutenant Umer Fayaz, and Station House Officer Feroze Dar? They all were Kashmiri Muslims and sons of the soil. Their murder was part of the same thinking that is trying to take us on the other way. I believe that the people of Kashmir will not accept this and will oppose it, openly,” he said.
Asked about Mehbooba’s statement on China interfering in Kashmir, Singh said, “Everybody knows what China is doing in Jammu and Kashmir. 5,152 square km of land is with China that has been illegally transferred by Pakistan to China. China is occupying our Aksai Chin illegally, forcibly. Now China is coming forward with ill-conceived proposals to mediate on Kashmir,” he said.
Singh said the India of 2017 “is not the India of 1962, so they must understand and see reason.”



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