Make Hurriyat agree to ‘ceasefire’, Imam Bukhari writes to Nawaz Sharif

Make Hurriyat agree to ‘ceasefire’, Imam Bukhari writes to Nawaz Sharif
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New Delhi: The Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jamia Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, has written a letter to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urging him to use his influence on separatist leaders and militants to make them agree to a ceasefire in Kashmir valley.
The Imam wrote that he is appealing to all stakeholders – the governments of India and Pakistan, Kashmiri leaders, and militant youth – to declare ceasefire and resolve the issue through dialogue. “With all the intellect, wisdom and prudence at our disposal, we must make every effort to save Kashmir from the dangerous destruction and devastation it faces and pave the way for the establishment of peace there,” Bukhari wrote.
In the letter dated June 22, Bukhari says, “The Kashmir situation is becoming volatile day by day. I think that more delay in the creation of a favourable environment for peace shall make the settlement of the Kashmir issue more difficult.”
Bukhari said that the common people of Kashmir are in a state of terror and helplessness. “Thousands of people are living under the shadow of AK-47, a life besieged by bloodshed. Kashmir Valley has become an abattoir.”
“The Kashmir situation can neither be solved through guns and stones nor through military expeditions. We should create an environment conducive for talks at the earliest,” he said in the letter. “I request you to kindly persuade the militant youth and Hurriyat leaders to agree for a ceasefire through your good offices and influence,” he concluded.

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