Today’s suppression not dissimilar to 1931: Malik

Today’s suppression not dissimilar to 1931: Malik
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SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday said that the “present struggle” is the continuation of the struggle started in 1931 and “today’s oppression” was similar to the oppression of that time.
“July 13 is one of the glorious days of Kahmir history when Kashmiris raised their voices against illegal occupation, oppressive rule and tyranny, endured bullets on their chests but refused to bow their heads before the forces of falsehood,”
Malik said in a statement issued from Central Jail.
He added that “our young ones” are being pushed to the wall and killed with impunity.
Stating that the present “people’s revolution that started in 1988” is continuation of the struggle started in 1931and so is the “tyranny, oppression and subjugation” Malik said that it was ironical that rulers and other pro-India forces “despite being agents of oppressors” celebrate martyr’s day and shower flowers on the graves of these martyrs.
“So-called rulers who are suppressing voices of masses by unabated innocent killings, putting thousands behind bars, blinding and maiming thousands and unleashing reign of terror should have some shame before celebrating Martyrs days and showering flowers on martyr’s graves,” said Malik.
He also castigated government for imposing restrictions and “unleashing oppressive measures” like arrests and internet ban to sabotage resistance leadership program restrictions.
“The propagators of Goli Nahin Boli (talks not bullets) have actually turned Kashmir into a killing field,” he said.

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