Unprotected sanitation workers prone to dreadful diseases: DAK

Unprotected sanitation workers prone to dreadful diseases: DAK
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‘Hepatitis symptoms prominent’

SRINAGAR: Symptoms of Hepatitis B and C, two dreaded diseases affecting the liver, have been prominently found among sanitation workers of the Srinagar City, during a health camp on Saturday held at Kathi Darwaza Srinagar.
The camp was organized by Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) led by Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan in collaboration with some government departments.
“During the camp we found the workers were having symptoms of many dreaded diseases like Hepatitis. Some of them had hypertension, diabetes and they were not even aware about it. The workers had respiratory complaints and lung function studies” Dr Nisar told Kashmir Reader.
“Because the symptoms found among them are of brutal diseases, we have decided to follow them. They have been given separate dates and we will see them. Most of the workers were unvaccinated against hepatitis and tetanus to which they are vulnerable,” Nisar said.
During interaction with the patients Nisar said, he found that the patients despite having symptoms have not visited a hospital because they “fear a taboo of being marginalized will not give them proper treatment”.
“They are the ones who keep our environment clean for us so that we can live healthly life but no preventive steps have been taken for their health. It was this idea that forced the association to do something for them,” Dr Nisar said.
“It was found that protected gears have not been given to them. We have communicated same to the SMC Commissioner,” he added.
Nisar said that DAK had kept 10 doctors and free medicine at disposal for the patients during the day. Many tests were done on the spot while samples were taken for other tests whose investigation reports will be given on Tuesday. More than



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