Exams hampered

Exams hampered
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SRINAGAR: The strike of Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers on Thursday impacted the normal functioning of government schools across the state.
The main impact was on the term-one examination of the lower classes upto 4th standard. “The examination can be conducted without the invigilators. We couldn’t lock down the schools because of the exams. Therefore, some teachers conducted the exams and other took part in the protests,” Ajmal, a teacher from Srinagar said.
Ashiq Hussain, a teacher from Ganderbal said that the examination was hampered due to the teachers’ strike although some teachers attended the duties to hold the examination. Masrat, a teacher from Srinagar said, “In the month of April, we took less classes because of the prevailing situation and much of our syllabus was incomplete. While we were pursuing syllabus of Unit 2, date sheet of term 1 was issued. The whole pattern was disturbed. We couldn’t do justice with the syllabi of unit II and term-1 properly,” she said.



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