An Inspiration from my Father’s Diary

An Inspiration from my Father’s Diary
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By Mir Umar
Diaries are written by people who have some deep privileged thoughts  inside their heart. They want their thoughts to  be  put in the form of words. It’s very hard to keep those thoughts alive and then pen down them. It takes extra credibility and sensibility to do this job and it  is not everybody’s cup of tea.  Likewise, writers and poets often write diaries because they are always ready to tell a tale which will be beneficial for  society. They observe today’s selfish world from their hawk eyes. Their thoughts are often used as proverbs for different things to give a boost to our words. It takes a lot of patience and courage to put  thoughts into words. Only poets and writers know that how much it takes. After all, we all are here to tell a new tale with new style and enthusiasm.
When you are in writing field, sometimes you get nervous that often stops your writing. The consistency breaks half away and you remain intrinsic with your thoughts. Sometimes, thoughts itself force you to go on writing and fill your paper as you never did before. When writers stop their writing, it takes a lot of time to finally return to writing. These are  testing times for writers and often for poets. This is the time when you should read that material which inspires you. It could be quotes or books of some great writers. Most of the people prefer to first take a break and then get refreshed by the ever evolving thought which helps their inner soul for writing. But it can also be a diary of someone which can boost your thoughts even in difficult times.
Once upon the time, when my pen was moving as per norms making a cracking sound when the hard surface of paper was touching the pen’s tip. Thoughts were continuously making the form of words.  In the meantime, an obstruction came in. Though not familiar to that obstruction, the thoughts fled from my mind letting my pen touching the surface of ground. It was a tough time when I forgot all the thoughts what I had to write. My feeling at that time was to cut all the pages of what I had written. Indeed, it was a difficult situation in which I was caught in. Now the only thing I was searching was inspiration. Whether to read some books or hang out for a while, my mind was completely in the state of a dilemma. Now in search of inspiration I read some books of some great writers, about their experiences when they would have faced this type of situation what I was facing at that time.  Not satisfied with it, I left my room and went outside. The atmosphere was humid outside and a breeze diverging from my body giving slight touch to my skin.  When I sat for a while, silly types of contradiction were creating chaos in my mind. When these silly contradictions drowned my mind towards it, I once again went back to my house of fortune.
The search for inspiration was on when I incidentally went inside my father’s room. As never went there before, this was quite surprising. The books, magazines and some newspapers were already scattered throughout the room. In the mean time, my eyes caught a diary which I had never seen before. I removed the newspapers from its surface and took it out from the crowd. The slight dust was stacked on its cover and it was looking like an old manuscript. When I opened up that diary, it was my father’s name mentioned there. I became enthusiastic to have finally found my father’s hidden work. When I read certain pages of it, a feeling of greatness poured inside my heart. I moved from page after page, there were numerous topics and personal memoirs written. When I observed the words keenly, I began to read it more passionately. Believe me; my thoughts were back with me after reading my father’s diary. I read only few pages and my thoughts flied from darkness to the light.
After reading certain pages, I became inspired from my father’s writing and achieved most everlasting thoughts which will last forever with me. Though my father had never told me about that diary and never even disclosed his inspirational thoughts but what I learnt is that everything happens for a cause. If I had not found my father’s diary, I would have left my writing half away.  My father’s diary truly became an inspiration for me. Writers or poets facing difficult times need to relook within themselves and found that hidden inspiration. Even it can be your father’s work or diary was in my case.

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