Budgam villages complain of lack of water supply

Budgam villages complain of lack of water supply

Connected to Poshker water supply scheme but pipes corroded for lack of water
Budgam: Residents of Poshker and adjoining village in Budgam district are complaining that the pipes meant to supply water to their villages have been running dry for decades, while their consistent pleas to authorities are falling on deaf ears.
The villages connected to Poshker water supply scheme since 1977 say the scheme has always been “awaiting upgradation”.
“Life in the area has become miserable leaving the villagers susceptible to various water borne diseases. We are being deprived of water despite having so many water resources,” Mohammd Amin, a resident of Poshker said.
The ten villages Poshker, Alamnag, Haripora, Path-sharan, Bun-sharan, Gulab-daji, Pati-poshker, Lokipora, Brannar and Malwah, with a population of nearly 15 thousand say the water supply pipes have corroded for lack of water and they are forced to use unsafe water from wells for drinking.
People fear an epidemic as off and on someone is diagnosed of some type of water-borne disease. “From last forty years, we have been going from door-to-door but no one seems to be concerned about our problem. It seems the area doesn’t exist for authorities,” Altaf Ahmad, a resident of Brannar told Kashmir Reader.
“It seems we have deliberately been left because of the political influence,” a delegation of the residents from the villages said.
The residents said that they have visited the chief engineer’s office in Srinagar several times, who directed the public health engineering department (PHE) to prepare a report about the matter but till now no report has been filed.
“After visiting Chief Engineer’s office, we went to Executive Engineer Tangmarg several times who told us that our issue will be addressed sooner or later,” they said.
The PHE officials at Tangmarg had recently promised the villagers that they would provide a dedicated supply and will upgrade the water plant, which has failed to provide water for last 40 years.
“We are fed up of listening to false promises made to us. The same plant failed to provide us water from last forty years, how is it going to do it now!”
Chief engineer PHE Kashmir, G A Bhat, despite repeated calls couldn’t be reached for comments.

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