Police scared landlord into evicting Kashmiri students

Police scared landlord into evicting Kashmiri students

Rajnath Singh had instructed state governments to ensure safety of Kashmiris
Srinagar: The three Kashmiri students who were evicted from the apartment they were staying in Punjab were repeatedly asked by the policemen who raided their apartment early Sunday morning: “Where are your weapons?”
Tajmul Imran, one of the three Kashmiri students, said that at about 5:45 in the morning, about 20 Punjab policemen raided their rented accommodation in Zirkpora. “We were sleeping. They asked us to verify our credentials. The moment we said we were Kashmiris, they asked us where we had hid our weapons,” Imran told Kashmir Reader.
“It took them two-and-a-half hours to search our apartment, which consists of a room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. They even searched the commode,” Imran said. “They found nothing. They told us, ‘You Kashmiris do one thing in Kashmir, and another thing in Punjab.’”
Imran said that the policemen warned the owner of the apartment that if anything untoward happened within their jurisdiction, they would hold him responsible. “The agent and the apartment owner asked us to vacate. We told them it will take us three days to shift. They said the police had warned them and they wanted us to leave immediately,” Imran said.
“We vacated the apartment. But the auto-wallah refused to transport us when the property agent clicked a photograph of the auto. The auto driver asked the agent why was he clicking a picture, and the agent told him that the police had just raided the apartment and had asked us to leave,” Imran said.
Imran was staying in the apartment along with his friends Mudasir and Asif. They are now staying with their friends in Zirkpora.
“We have just completed our MBA. We were studying at SBIT. Our documents are still at the college. We were preparing for a PhD,” Imran said.
“My family is very worried for my safety,” he said.
A newspaper has reported that the Punjab Police have denied allegations levelled by the three youth against them. “We carried out a check at all housing societies in the town on Sunday on the instructions of senior officers,” a police official told the newspaper.
A few weeks ago, Indian home minister Rajnath Singh had instructed state governments to provide safe environment to Kashmiri youths who were studying and working in their state.

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