‘Govt targeting my son to silence my voice’

‘Govt targeting my son to silence my voice’

CHENNAI: Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram Tuesday alleged that the government was using investigating agencies to target his son and his friends to “silence” his voice against the government.
“All I will say is, I shall continue to speak and write,” he said in a statement here. Chidambaram said Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) approval was granted in “hundreds of cases.”
Each case was processed according to law and approval was granted or refused in accordance with the recommendations of the FIPB consisting of five secretaries to the Government of India, he said.
The five secretaries who constitute the FIPB, the officials of the FIPB secretariat and the competent authority in each case are the public officials, he said, adding there was no allegation against any of them.
“There is no allegation against me,” he added. “The government, using the CBI and other agencies, is targeting my son and his friends.. The government’s aim is to silence my voice and stop me from writing, as it has tried to do in the cases of leaders of opposition parties, journalists, columnists, NGOs and civil society organisations,” the former finance minister said.

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