Gantmulla bridge awaits completion for 9 years, villagers suffer

Gantmulla bridge awaits completion for 9 years, villagers suffer

Baramulla: Around nine years ago, the construction work at Peerniyan Gantamulla Bridge on river Jehlem in Baramulla district was taken up by Jammu Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC) but the construction is not reaching conclusion much to the suffering of villagers belonging to a dozen villages from Pehlipora to Bimyar area.
Mir Mushtaq Nowsheri, a contractor who started its work first in 2009 said,” The JKPCC allotted the construction work to me in 2009. I was pressurized to complete the work within five months, which was not possible. I declined to carry out the work. I am amazed the construction work has not been completed yet,” he said.
“The disconet because of the incloplete work on the construction of bridge impacts life of villagers belonging to dozens of villages including Pehlipora, Ijara, Yarwan, Peerniyan, Shamswari, Hilan, Chahlan, Bimyar, Limber and Naganari,” said Abdur Rashid a local resident.
The JKPCC officials, however, said the bridhe would be completed in September 2017.
Managing Director JKPCC Dilip Thussu said that the work was in full swing on the bridge and it is likely to be completed in September this year.

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