Doctor ‘negligence’ risks mother-child at SKIMS

Doctor ‘negligence’ risks mother-child at SKIMS

Srinagar: A woman who underwent childbirth at the obstetrics and gynaecology ward of SKIMS Soura is alleging the doctors put her and her baby at risk by ingoring her distress calls and insisting on natural delivery.
The family of Khan Zahida told Kashmir Reader that Zahida complained of distressing pain on Thursday following which they urged doctors to go for a C-section operation.
“We had apprehension that the patient might lose her life. When they refused and rebuked us instead, we thought of shifting the patient to some other private institution,” Shamim Ahmad, the brother of woman said.
They say, they tried to flee but were stopped by hospital the staff.
Few moments later, Zahida was taken to a labour room.
“While I was crying of unbearable pain, I told two doctors – Dr Shazia and Dr Nazia – that I feel natural delivery won’t be possible as I could sense all is not well inside. But they kept on saying that I should push hard,” Zahida said.
When nothing worked for the doctors, Zahida said two staffers started pressing patient’s neck, shoulders and abdomen “without caring about safety of mother and baby.”
“When I insisted them (doctors) to go for caesarean, they told me that the baby was mal-positioned and it has stuck in between. Then I had to go through a torment till delivery occurred,” Zahida said.
She hasn’t seen her child yet, as the baby had developed some complications and was immediately admitted at Peadetrics ward of SKIMS after birth.
The family later called in police and asked them to file complaint but say that they did nothing.
Since the incident, attendants said, they haven’t seen any of the doctors that performed the delivery operation.
An official of the SKIMS told Kashmir Reader that the baby was fine and would be probably discharged tomorrow. He said that a meeting was convened in this regard to ascertain the facts about the incident.
Patient denied bed
In an another incident, a patient who was operated on Thursday night at the same place, wasn’t provided a bed to rest and was forced to wait for several hours shivering in cold outside the ward.
“Staff humiliated us when we requested to arrange a bed for the patient. When they denied having any, we asked them that why did they operate patient when had no bed available,” an attendant of this family said. While hospital staff hid in cabins and rooms, its few security officials intervened in the matter and managed a bed for the patient.

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