Kashmir struggle has nothing to do with ISIS, Al-Qaeda: Joint resistance

Kashmir struggle has nothing to do with ISIS, Al-Qaeda: Joint resistance

SRINAGAR: The Joint resistance leadership on Monday said the ongoing freedom movement of Kashmiris is indigenous and has nothing to do with organisations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
“Indian agencies are desperate to malign our movement and, under a well-thought-out plan, are devising policies to bring a bad name to the freedom struggle in Kashmir,” the joint leadership, including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and Muhammad Yasin Malik, said in a statement issued here.
They said groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are “nonexistent” in the state and that there is “no role for these groups within our movement”.
“Terrorism and the freedom movement are poles apart,” the leaders said, adding that Indian agencies, by linking Kashmir’s movement with some global organisations, “are planning their roguish activities to influence the international community”.
They said New Delhi is “frustrated” and has launched a well-planned “psychological war against the freedom movement”. “Last year’s people’s uprising has unnerved them and, as such, they are desperate to sabotage our movement through its agencies and have framed new tactics to change the discourse of the ongoing freedom struggle,” they said.
“The policy makers in Delhi are trying their hardest to create chaos and confusion and malign the movement,” they added.
Quoting reliable sources, the leaders disclosed that agencies are hiring “some sick-minded and Ikhwan-type goons” who have been assigned the task of creating chaos in the state. “They have decided to go for mysterious killings, burglary, loot, plunder and vandalism under the garb of these groups, to defame the freedom struggle and to influence the international viewpoint,” the leaders claimed.
Hailing the Kashmiri people for their affiliation and attachment with the movement and their “brave hearts”, the leadership said the authorities “couldn’t break this emotional bond, and Delhi feels unnerved”.
The authorities in Delhi have now started to play a vicious game under the garb and label of “holy war”, which is a “ploy to create a wedge between people and brave hearts”.
Geelani, Mirwaiz, and Malik added, “It is premature to talk about the future discourse of political destiny of the state. However, it is the majority that will decide it. One-point program to make an end of this slavery and forced occupation is our motive. Let people decide their political destiny through the right to self-determination.”
Warning people about the “deceitful game” of the Indian authorities, the leadership insisted that “the nation should follow every programme (of the joint leadership) with persistence and wisdom”.
Meanwhile, Geelani, Mirwaiz, and Malik in a statement ridiculed the statement of Rajendra Singh “wherein he has recommended a free hand for the forces”.
“It testifies our claim that the authorities have virtually handed over the state to its army, and forces enjoy impunity to kill whosoever comes in their way,” the leaders said, adding, “Indian forces are neither accountable for their wrongdoings nor brought to book.”
Rajendra’s statement is an “apparent threat” and there are apprehensions that it will escalate violence and consequently the killing graph will go up.
They also condemned the use of force on students, saying the police was adding fuel to the fire. Demanding the immediate release of all detained students, the leadership said the deployment of government forces in educational institutions is the basic reason of the disturbance and is creating hurdles in the smooth functioning of educational institutions.

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