ReTs suffer due to delay in regularisation

ReTs suffer due to delay in regularisation

SRINAGAR: Despite having completed five years of service as Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, a number of teachers are waiting for their regularization orders, without drawing any salaries for now.
According to sources in the directorate of education, regularisation cases of some 500 ReT teachers are pending with the directorate.
Under the scheme, the teachers are regularised after completing five years of service as ReTs.
Jasiya, a ReT teacher, completed five years of service in June 2016.
“This is carelessness that they have not issued our regularisation orders yet. We have been working without salary from the month our five year tenure got completed,” Jasiya said.
Another teacher Mariya completed the five year term in March 2016. Since then she has made many visits to the directorate enquiring about her permanent order.
“I visit director’s office frequently in order to make them realize that we suffering, but nobody seems to be bothered,” Mariya said.
The teachers also complain that frequent change of director adds to their problem.
“Changing of director frequently has put us in confusion. We had already brought this in former director’s notice but he did nothing in his tenure.”
In January the directorate issued regularization order of 454 ReT teachers in the tenure of director Ajaz Ahmad Bhat.
According to sources in the directorate, former director, Rajeev Ranjan Kumar had signed the regularization order of some of the teachers but that is yet to be issued.
Sadiq another teacher said that many affected teachers have started taking other jobs to support their families.
“I work as an electrician to support my family. At least for five years I was getting Rs 3000 but from year, I am not getting anything,” Sadiq said.
Nazir Ahmed, PRO of the directorate of education, said that the orders would be signed by the new director in a couple of days.
“The delay is unfortunate but soon the files will be signed,” he said.

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