Communication blockade is state sponsored terrorism, says Geelani

Communication blockade is state sponsored terrorism, says Geelani

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday blamed the state authorities for pushing people to Stone Age saying the ban on social networking sites was another ploy to cover up the atrocities inflicted by the government forces o people.
Describing it as ‘state sponsored terrorism’ Geelani said the communication blockade has no justification to deny access to social media and it tantamount to denial of fundamental rights.
Ridiculing state authorities for their lame excuse, wherein they attributed the prevailing volatile situation with social media, Geelani said instead of addressing the basic cause of political uncertainty in state, they are entangled with issues of no importance.
Decrying the restrictions on social media Geelani said the deteriorating situation is there since the Indian forces occupied our state and for last 70 years’ people are yearning for their right to freedom.
Meanwhile, Geelani paid tributes to founder and prominent leader of JKLF late Aman Ullah Khan and said that he was a man of principle and pursued mission of freedom with zeal and extreme passion. Geelani said that he was an ideological leader and better option to pay tributes to late leader is that we must follow right to self-determination with commitment, full strength and dedications.

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