Google supports Ratna Nidhi Trust to conduct walk-in mobility camp in Leh

Google supports Ratna Nidhi Trust to conduct walk-in mobility camp in Leh
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Screening camp between April 24-30 to distribute wheelchairs and prosthetic legs
SRINAGAR: has supported Ratna Nidhi, through its mobility camps, which has been an active player in benefiting the disabled and underprivileged sections of the society. With a mission to uplift people with physical disability in India, Ratna Nidhi has embarked on a journey travel 11,000 feet above sea level and scale its mobility work to Leh-Ladakh.
The main motive for conducting these free screening camps is to provide prosthetic legs, callipers and wheelchairs to thousands of people who suffer from any kind of physical disability. Apart from physical disability, people with hearing disorders will also be provided with explicit assistance fulfilling their needs with appropriate machines, which will help them to overcome any problem related to it.
The screening camp will be organised at the Mahabodhi International Meditation Center in Leh from 24th to 30th April 2017 with the support of Venerable Bhikku Sanghasena and the Indian army who will assist us in transporting the patients from remote regions.
Rajiv Mehta, Trustee, Ratna Nidhi said, “Impact has to reach the farthest and most underprivileged parts of society; and Ratna Nidhi is committed to the same. We have a mission to reach out to 500 orthopedically and hearing impaired patients, in Leh Ladakh, in the coming months.”
Ratna Nidhi is a pioneer in mobility camps in India, having done more than 500 camps across the length and breadth of the country since the year 1990.
The mobility camp is also prepared to grant free assistance to several disabled people without any prior registration.
About Google support
Ratna Nidhi was founded by Mahendrabhai Mehta, declared Humanitarian Rose by the US Senate, personal beneficiary of the world bank with a special consultative status to the UN was a rare individual. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium.
Over two decades ago he initiated the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust with financial resources from his own family and friends.Since then he has been a worldwide force to help children across the globe in a multitude of ways.
1. Ratna Nidhi Founder Mahendrabhai was the India Chair for Safe Kids foundation.
2. In just India, Mahendra Mehta is credited for helping over 2 million children through an assortment of educational, medical, developmental and various other initiatives.
3. However, India is not the only part of the world that has benefited from Ratna Nidhi. He has helped tens of thousands of children in Kenya, Afghanistan, Burundi, Honduras, Dominican Republic.
4. Ratna Nidhi is one of the largest donor of orthotics and prosthetics in the world.
5. They feed 4500 children in Mumbai every morning- over the last. 15 years, this would amount to about 2.3 crore free meals.
6. They have distributed over 2.48 lac mobility aids, like Jaipur foot, polio callipers, wheelchairs and crutches.
7. They have distributed over 1.10 million garments to the poor and needy.
8. Ratna Nidhi is also an integral part of the Mission Million books, in association with Alibaba, Crossword Bookstores etc;

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