Traders warn BJP: Divisive statement attempt to justify killings

Traders warn BJP: Divisive statement attempt to justify killings

Srinagar: Major trade bodies of Kashmir have termed the statements by “some sections of political parties” as “insanity” that add fuel to the fire in Kashmir. Asking Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) to “restrain” its leadership, trade bodies have warned the party that Kashmiris “are not used to taking such language”
Vehemently condemned the “irresponsible statement”, the trade bodies have cautioned that continued, “coercive use of power shall have serious consequences which could further vitiate the already tense situation”.
“The provocative statements supporting the armed forces for use of brutal force and using innocent people as human shield … (is) granting the security forces a license to kill,” said a joint statement issued by the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc), the Kashmir Traders & Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), and the Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK) in Srinagar on Thursday.
The meeting, said the statement, took “serious note of the provocative statement of BJP minister Chandra Prakash Ganga justifying the use of brutal force against Kashmiris. Trade leaders were “aghast” over the use of words “latoon kay boot baton say nahi mantey” and termed the language “irresponsible” and “unbecoming of a minister worth his salt”.
Trade leaders questioned whether “the same yard-stick is applied in dealing with the protest in other parts of country like Patidar agitation of Gujarat or Jat agitators of Haryana”. It added, “divisive statement by political class is nothing but an attempt to justify the killing of innocent youth and unabated pellet firing and teargas shelling on school/college students”.

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