In Budgam village, mother still wailing over dead son

In Budgam village, mother still wailing over dead son

Ishfaq Reshi                                                                   
Budgam: Nissar Ahmad Mir, 23, was among the eight youths who were killed by government troops on April 9, the day of the by-election to the Srinagar parliamentary seat. He was a resident of Rathsun village, which consists of about 1,200 households, in Budgam district.
Nissar left home on the morning of April 9 after having tea with his family. His family members told Reader that Nissar’s body was found near the local playground. Neighbours and friends of Nissar said that the government troops shot him dead when they chased a group of youth who were shouting pro-freedom slogans near the polling station close to the playground. The neighbours and friends said that the youth were neither hurling stones nor abuses at the soldiers.
A neighbour of the family said he was a witness to Nissar’s killing. “The troops fired teargas shells and bullets in the air to keep protesters away from the polling station, but the scene changed when a police officer arrived and ordered CRPF and police men to open fire on the protestors,” the neighbour said.
Ashraf Mir, the father of Nissar, said, “One bullet hit the head of Nissar, who fell on the ground crying ‘Khudayo morhas ha (Oh God I have been killed)’.”
Surrounded by neighbours and friends of his dead son at his house, Ashraf said that Nissar was taken to the hospital in Beerwah but doctors there declared him brought dead.
Nissar’s mother Naseema could not hold her tears while speaking of her son. “Moj lejyow gubrow (They should have taken me),” she wailed, “Seid te saade gubrow (O my simple son).”
“The blood of a martyr never goes waste,” she said. Nissar’s brother, Farooq, said, “One day, the blood of innocents will help us gain our freedom, Insha Allah.”
Naseema said that Nissar left home after having a cup of salted tea in the kitchen with her.
Nissar’s father is a labourer by profession. Nissar had quit his studies after passing middle school to support his family.
“He left his studies to help his father, because of the poor financial condition of our family,” Naseema said.
Nissar was one of six siblings, including two sisters and three brothers. Three among them have left studies and two are still studying. Both of Nissar’s elder siblings weave shawls to earn money and one younger sister also does some tailoring work.
“Nissar was a unique boy in the entire village. He would always remain silent and only speak when it was necessary. He had a noble face and good relations with everyone. Everyone in the village is in a state of mourning and shock,” said a neighbour sitting next to Ashraf.
Farooq described his brother as hardworking and hoepful. “After he left studies and started earning the family bread by weaving shawls, he kept telling us that he would rest only after earning enough money to build a new house.  Everyone in our family knew that he could do it,” Farooq said.
“He had a dream of seeing his younger siblings well educated and well placed,” Farooq added.

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