A tin shed for a polling booth

A tin shed for a polling booth

Takipora: The polling booth for Nasrullahpora shifted to Takipora was stationed in a tin shed with polling staff complaining of lack of facilities.
Besdies having no provision of a washroom for the staff, there weren’t even enough chairs to sit.
But for the huge presence of government forces outside, the shed no way looked resembled a polling booth.
“We have been put in this shed in the morning. See for yourself, we have no chairs to sit,” a polling staffer said, while pointing out the lack of furniture. Only three chairs were available for the staff. A laptop rested on the plastic casing of an EVM while the poll documents were placed on damp barren earth.
“Where will we keep these things? Ye chu gaaw shed (This is a cowshed),” he said.
Another staffer complained that they were not provided proper food in the district police lines Budgam where they stayed for night before being deployed for the poll duty.
Meanwhile, the booth with above 2400 eligible voters had seen only three voters turn up since the morning.
The residents of Takipora even resented the presence of this booth.
“We did not want to bring trouble to ourselves because of this booth (for Nasrullahpora),” a resident  said.

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