Joint resistance calls for shutdown on Monday, Tuesday

Joint resistance calls for shutdown on Monday, Tuesday

Asks people in south to follow central Kashmir
Srinagar: The joint resistance leadership has called for a shutdown on Monday and Tuesday against the killing of eight people on Sunday, which they described as “brutal” and “act of state-terrorism”.
It also appealed people to offer condolences with the bereaved families.
In a statement issued here, the leadership said the poll boycott in central Kashmir should serve as an “eye opener” for New Delhi and is a “clear message that people will never accept this forcible occupation”.
“It is a best precedence for people in south Kashmir; they too should stay away from this (election) drama and follow the people of central Kashmir,” it said.
Hailing people for their exemplary commitment towards the movement, the leaders said that complete boycott and shutdown vindicates that they out-rightly rejected the “puppets and unjustified and illegal occupation”.
“We won’t allow these henchmen to bargain against the sacred blood of these martyrs.”
”A new trend has set in and people, particularly youth are enough mature to differentiate between well-wishers and those favoring Indian authorities. Now it is quite encouraging that people in J&K are conveying a message that India continues its occupation through its military might only. Their every deceit and game has failed and they have lost battle,” the statement issued by the leadership said.
The leadership asked “pro-Indian politicians to apologize for their wrong doings and join us in our fight against this brutal occupation”.
“It is the best opportunity for them to join with us or they won’t find even a burial place here and will meet the same fate as that of Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq,” the statement read.
“After a fair calculation of total electorate in parliamentary segment, the outcome is even less than two percent, thus deficient of any credibility,” the statement said.
The leadership—-Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yaseen Malik—-expressed deep sorrow over the killing of youth and said that “it is a well thought out plan of genocide and authorities resorted to indiscriminate firing to make this election drama a success”.
Appealing international community for their cognizance, leaders said that their continuous silence is rather disheartening. Their tall claims about these violations prove useless, as no workable steps are being taken to check these violations, said leaders in a statement.
“We pay our heartfelt tributes to our martyrs and shutdown calls serve a purpose to show our resentment against these brutal killings,” the statement said.

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