Modi rewarding assassins: Resistance camp

Modi rewarding assassins: Resistance camp

Calls for shutdown on Sunday
Srinagar: Joint Resistance leaders Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Omar Farooq and Mohamad Yasin Malik have called for a complete shutdown on Sunday (April 2) to protest the proposed visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
A spokesman of the joint resistance quoting the leaders said that  while shutdown did not meet the demands of the situation but “there is no other option left”.
“Indian Prime Minister is visiting at a time, when situation is extreme gloomy, and massacres, detentions, blinding continue, and there seems no let up,” the statement said. “Thousands are languishing in jails and authorities are denying any space for peaceful political activities.”
Stating that the rhetoric about development or constructions of tunnels and roads was futile, the leaders said, “We don’t nourish any animosity with Indian prime minister, however it is frightening and painful that instead of taking notice of genocide in state, he is awarding and rewarding assassins,” the statement said.
The statement added that the Kashmir issue was not about governance, economic packages or incentives, nor was it a law and order problem,. “It is a political issue related to human society. People are striving for their right to self-determination, however India is not responding and nor they honor the aspirations of suppressed people,” the statement said. “State is reeling under black laws like AFSPA and Indian forces enjoy impunity to kill or blind whosoever comes in their way.”
Blaming authorities for shielding wrongdoers, the resistance leaders said that in absence of any accountability, no accused was awarded punishment or tried under law.
Referring to disappeared persons, they said, “it is painful that he (Modi) never took interest to inquire about those disappeared in forces custody, seven thousand unmarked graves and even preferred to turn blind eye towards gruesome events of Kunanposhpora like episodes”.
The resistance leadership expressed their shock at the elections  being enacted “amidst continuous bloodshed”.
Elections enacted under the shadow of gun have lost credibility and the sole aim of this drama is to mislead international community, the statement said.
Reiterating that Kashmir issue can’t be resolved through elections as the core issue is related to aspirations and sentiments of 15 million people, the statement said “You must understand the fact that today the youth of Kashmir are demanding nothing except, the right to self-determination.”
“India tried its methods, deployed forces and made various efforts to lure people with construction works and development, however of no avail. It is better to shun stubborn attitude and acknowledge realities and aspirations,” the statement said.

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