Jitendra blames Pak, pro-freedom leaders for provoking youth

Jitendra blames Pak, pro-freedom leaders for provoking youth

Srinagar: While condemning the recent incidents in Kashmir,  Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Dr Jitendra Singh on Thursday accused the pro-freedom leaders for instigating the youth in the Valley.
Singh said “separatists have kept their children in safe havens and are fueling local children to destabilize situation in Kashmir”. He also reiterated the governments’ view that Pakistan is equally responsible for the disturbance in Srinagar where it instigates the youth through the platform of social media.
“Certainly there are people who support Pakistan and Pakistan is also indulged in propagating such sort of agenda. We have also got information that whenever an encounter starts in the Valley, Pakistan starts propagating against us through the medium of social media, due to which the youth get instigated and put their lives at risk by reaching the site of encounter,” media reports quoting Singh said.
The Minister assured that they will successfully expose the “real face of the separatists” in front of the people of Kashmir.
“The government and the society will be successful in making these people understand. We will be able to make them understand that the people who are instigating them have kept their children in safe places. Many Kashmir leaders want their children to hold administrative posts and instigate the children of Kashmir to become stone-pelters,” he said.
“Time has come for the Kashmir youth to demand that is this is real jehad, which is so important then the Kashmir leaders should set example by first making their children stone-pelters,” he added.

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