Going to encounter sites suicidal: DGP

Going to encounter sites suicidal: DGP

Srinagar: Director General of Police Shesh Paul Vaid on Thursday said that youth were committing ‘suicide’ by rushing towards encounter sites.
In an appeal to youngsters to stay home during anti-militancy operations, Vaid said, “Even the police take cover behind bullet-proof vehicles and behind houses. A bullet does not see who it will hit.”
Claiming that social media networks were being misused by enemies of the state, Vaid said that the moment a gunfight begins in Kashmir, as many as 300 Whatsapp groups start urging youth to rush towards the encounter site to disrupt counter-insurgency operations.
“This is being done by people who are enemies of India. They are behind the Whatsapp groups each of which has 250 members,” he said.
Vaid said such groups are instigating young boys to go near encounter sites to help militants. “Some of these accounts have been traced to across the border,” he said.
“I would say these boys are being brainwashed, being radicalised. The youth must understand they are being used for short-term political gains. After ten days, people will forget those who died. Just think of the families who lose their members,” Vaid said.
Vaid said that the issue of locals rushing towards encounter sites poses a challenge to the security establishment. He, however, pointed out that security agencies keep evolving their strategy and will be able to counter this.
Vaid also said that a sentiment is being generated to sabotage the democratic process ahead of the by-polls in two parliamentary constituencies. “All precautions will be taken for the elections to proceed peacefully,” he said.

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