Married woman stayed with paramour for 18 days in Jammu, freed by court

Married woman stayed with paramour for 18 days in Jammu, freed by court
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By Nusrat Sidiq
SRINAGAR: A 23-year-old married woman was released in an open court in Srinagar on Friday after she declared that she went to Jammu with another person and stayed with him for 18 days. She said she was not kidnapped but went with the man voluntarily.
Chief Judicial Magistrate Srinagar Massarat Shaheen in her order cited the woman’s age and consent to stay at Jammu as reasons for her freedom. The woman may be set free as she is free to go anywhere where she wants if she does not want to go with her legal heirs, the order said.
The court will take cognizance only after husband of the woman lodges a written complainant. The woman has expressed unwillingness to go with her parents and husband.
The details of the case indicate that the woman is legally married to one Tariq Ahmed Ganie who lodged a missing report before police station Karanagar on March 3, 2017. In his complaint Ganai said that his wife went to SMHS hospital with her sister-in-law for medical checkup. “While her sister-in-law went to the medical shop to buy medicines, she found the woman missing and was unable to locate her,” the application said.
Two days later, Ganai claimed that his wife has been kidnapped by one Mashooq Ahmed Sheikh. The investigating agency swung into action and one person namely Ghulam Mohammad Wani of Ohangam Beerwah produced the prosecutrix along-with Mashooq Ahmed Sheikh on March 22, 2017 before the concerned police station.
On March 23, prosecutrix made statement before the police that she was not kidnapped by Sheikh but went with him by her own consent and she has resided with him at Jammu for 18 days.
Following the statement, the judge said there was no case made under section 366 RPC.
However, the court said that a case under section 497 RPC  can be made out against Mashooq Ahmed Sheikh for commission of adultery.

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