200 CCTVs to be installed at 53 locations in Srinagar

200 CCTVs to be installed at 53 locations in Srinagar
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Srinagar: To keep an eye on pro-freedom demonstrations, stone-pelting and militant activities, the police will cast a network of surveillance in the form of Close Circuit Camera TVs (CCTV) in Srinagar and other district headquarters of Kashmir Valley.
The police surveillance will start from Srinagar and later bring all the major towns of district headquarters under the CCTV network.
Giving details, a senior police official at the police headquarters (PHQ) told Kashmir Reader that in Srinagar, CCTVs will be set up in 53 locations.
“We have identified 53 locations in Srinagar. Our main focus is to fix CCTVs at road intersections, main junctions, and on the highways,” the official said.
He said that the police have hired a Nagpur-based company, Neco Defense System, to install new surveillance cameras in Srinagar city.
“Each tower will be fitted with three to four cameras. It means about 200 cameras will be installed,” the police officer said. “We are using both the 180-degree and 360-degree view cameras. The resolution of the cameras will be able to focus even on number plates of cars or on any moving object.”
The main aim of the CCTV system is to improve security in Srinagar, which requires keeping surveillance on “demonstrations, stone-pelters and militant activities,” the officer said.
The new net of CCTVs in Srinagar will have a separate control room, equipped with new technology and bigger screens. “By April, we will complete the installation of CCTVs in Srinagar,” the official said.
There are already some CCTVs present in Srinagar which are controlled from the Police Control Room. However, many of them have become defunct over the years.
The government has said that it plans to bring major towns, police stations, police posts, the National Highway (NH) and other important roads under the state-wide CCTV Surveillance System Project.
“To give a boost to these efforts, an allocation of Rs 500 crore has been made for High Security Capacity Building over a period of three years. The money will be spent on technical upgradation, including extensive installation of CCTV cameras,” the government’s economic survey report 2016 says.

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