Hurriyat leaders enjoy themselves but destroy lives of people: Baig

Hurriyat leaders enjoy themselves but destroy lives of people: Baig

Senior PDP leader and Member of Parliament Muzaffar Hussain Baig on Monday took a dig at pro-freedom leaders saying they are destroying lives of children by asking them to throw stones while “living luxurious lives themselves”.
At the PDP headquarters in Srinagar, Baig addressed party workers after the PDP’s Srinagar candidate filed his nomination papers. He said that pro-freedom leaders will be held accountable for “destroying” lives and accumulating wealth.
“I wish the Almighty give us the luxurious (araam-deh) life of Hurriyat leaders. Na fikr, na pareshani. Aasman se doulat utarti hai (Neither worry, nor trouble; wealth descends on them from the skies).
When they visit AIIMS Delhi, they receive the treatment of a cabinet minister,” said Baig, drawing giggles from the gathering.
Baig said that he as a Member of Parliament has to wait at the AIIMS hospital in Delhi, but everything is ready for the Hurriyat leaders when they arrive.
“They ask children to throw stone from their homes. God give them sense. They won’t receive Allah’s blessing for destroying the lives of children of other people,” said the PDP founder member.
He said his party would be held accountable for its government but the Hurriyat would be held accountable for destroying lives of people.
“India is a unique country. As much as you abuse India, Indians still respect you. There will be people here who report to the government of India. Respect those who risk their lives to choose their government,” he said.
Baig said that the aim of the PDP government has not been realised yet because of the bad situation in the Valley. Jammu and Ladakh have moved ahead in progress, but Kashmir has regressed due to this situation, he said.
“We pray the situation remains good this year,” he said while seeking votes for the party in the Lok Sabha by-poll.
“Give one more chance to PDP to make the party strong. I am sure that in the next two years, PDP will fulfil the promises it made. This is not an ordinary election,” he told the gathering.

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