Awami Itehad to ‘boycott’ by polls

Awami Itehad to ‘boycott’ by polls

SRINAGAR: Awami Itehad Party (AIP) led by Er Rasheed has boycotted the by-poll Indian parliamentary elections for Anantnag and Srinagar constituencies.
In a statement issued here, Rasheed said, his party will not participate in upcoming parliamentary by-elections because it is not the proper time as “terrible events” of last eight months in particular have proven that the elected representatives have failed to make any impact on civil and police administration.
“Whatsoever the security agencies have deemed proper for their interests, they have ruthlessly implemented it,” Rasheed said in the statement.
“Though AIP strongly believes in forums like Assembly and Parliament are the best places to plead Kashmir cause, but National Conference and Congress have disappointed Kashmiris. They are also responsible in creating a situation where one feels ashamed to seek votes, as these parties have always tried to represent New Delhi in Kashmir rather representing Kashmir in New Delhi by acting like collaborators,” he added.
Rasheed, in a statement said, that AIP despite being a small political force has fought for the Right to Self Determination in and outside Assembly with sincerity, as party strongly believes that J&K is a dispute territory and New Delhi is not sincere in resolving the issue.
“However contesting elections or boycotting them carries no significance. Participating in these elections or boycotting or non-participation doesn’t make anybody or organization pro-movement, anti-movement, anti-national or anti-India, as elections have been held in the past and undoubtedly they will be held till Kashmir issue is resolved,” he added.
He said AIP doesn’t need certificate from anyone to prove its loyalty towards the mass public sentiment and party appeals for a unity among all Kashmiris of different thoughts to compel New Delhi for a durable settlement.
“Indian state for the lack of insincerity has bulldozed itself the democratic institutions in J&K and there is every apprehension that in future the New Delhi’s shameful act of using elections against Kashmiris as a tool to mislead the world community may prove counterproductive to the extent that New Delhi may not find even candidates for various elections,” he said.

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