‘All pro-India parties cut from the same cloth’

‘All pro-India parties cut from the same cloth’

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday said the pro-India political parties— PDP, National Conference (NC), Congress, People’s Conference and Awami Itihaad Party—are following “the same agenda” and are not different from each other.
Describing NC’s recent statements as “deceit and drama”, Geelani said they were singing the same tune as the PDP did in opposition.
“Their rhetoric about autonomy, self-rule and parroting mantra for freedom are just political gimmick. Their main aim is to grab the power,” Geelani said in a statement.
Geelani urged the people to “show wisdom” and said that in 1975 NC embraced the power after backtracking on its promises and now PDP is “beating the same bush to remain in power”.
“The NC stands exposed. The people know well that they are deceiving and power is their sole motive,” he said.
“National Conference is playing a dual and devilish card to garner sympathy by portraying their sympathy sentiment for the freedom camp or playing well wishers for Huriyat and many a time shower their love for our brave hearts,” Geelani said.
Commenting over their political gimmick ‘Geelani said that nowadays they are giving hype and creating fear psychosis about the sinister designs of RSS & BJP and forget that NC for the lust of power, in past allied with same BJP.
Taking a dig at PDP, Geelani said that during last election campaign the party misled people into believing that they enjoy support of the pro-freedom camp.
“PDP is responsible for killings and maiming of our hundreds of youth and we won’t forget their devilish role during peoples uprising in 2016.They killed more than hundred, maimed thousands and ransacked properties worth billions,” Geelani said.
“Similarly, Congress, Awami Itihaad Party, People’s Conference and all pro-India parties are no more interested in people’s welfare but they run after power and perks. They are responsible for the agonies people are facing as their actions justify illogical occupation of India over our state,” he added.

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