Karra condemns civilian killings

Karra condemns civilian killings

Srinagar: Condemning the killing of two civilians in Pulwama today, Senior Congress leader and former minister Tariq Hameed Karra today said the PDP-BJP government is responsible for genocide of Kashmiri youth.
“It is irony that on one side Chief Minister (Mehbooba Mufti) is bartering jobs against peace with youth and on the other side she has let loose reign of terror an unabated civilian youth killings through her trigger happy force,” Karra told KNS.
“This way present dispensation is pushing youth to wall now it is not a government in alliance, it is RSS which is in direct control of the State affairs, administratively as well as politically, on the shoulders of PDP,” he said.
“PDP’s only role in today’s dispensation is that of a collaborator and a facilitator for genocide by butchering today’s young generation.”
“History will never forgive PDP for selling out the Muslim majority State to the terrorist RSS who had been eying to change political, religious, geographical, ethnic, social and cultural corrector of Jammu and Kashmir since 1947.”
He said that even before 1947 RSS founder Golwalker had addressed his phonetic followers that Hindu’s should not waste their time by fighting Britishers but the more dangerous enemies inside which is Muslims and Christians.
“This very sermon of RSS philosophy should be an eye opener for all those who are acting as collaborators and facilitators for the RSS agenda for near sake of their chairs and doles.”
“They should remember besides going back to the people they shall have to rise before Allah and shall be asked as to why did they become collaborators and facilitators for the genocide of their own brethren.”
Warning the government of India for dire consequences of political instability in the whole south Asia, he said they should come out of denial mode and hyper nationalistic approach which is being pursued with regard to dealing with just grievances of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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