‘Kashmir society oblivious to serious women issues’

‘Kashmir society oblivious to serious women issues’

By Insha Latief
SRINAGAR: The Kashmiri society must ponder over the ground realities and develop a central idea to address the challenges confronting the society. The most crucial issues are the economic empowerment and health of women. This was stated by former high court judge and member state accountability commission Justice (retd) Bashir A Kirmani at an event in Kashmir University held in the backdrop of international week for the women.
“The women population must be divided into different classes and solutions found at various levels and scales. The women should be empowered by providing facilities but unfortunately our society lacks that important vision,” Kirmani said.
He said the women working in a factory must be provided medical insurance and related facilities for their welfare and betterment. “Unfortunately, such welfare is not happening. The women are subjected to suffering. In many girls’ schools, the all-important lavatory facility is not available,” he added.
Kirmani said that women have legal safeguards to fight their rights violations.
Quoting verses from the holy Quran he said that man and woman have been created as the protectors and presenters of each other. He said, “This Quran idea must be the central theme to develop a society but in our case it is not happening,” he said.
Quoting examples from his own experiences as a lawyer and judge he said that he has seen several women being deprived of their basic rights due to lack of proper education and marriage at younger age.
He said there are several cases of women in our society who have seen childhood and old age but were deprived of the sweetness of the young life. “Some girls are married off at the age of 15 years. They are deprived of the basic rights that a girl should enjoy. At this tender age they are involved in domestic affairs and they begin ageing much before the old age comes to them,” he said.
He stressed on the importance of education and implementation of educational schemes for the empowerment of such girls.
He also urged students of Kashmir University to come forward to make a forum which will sort out the problems of women.
“The students spend much of their time in the university. You should utilize this space and create ideas for societal development,” he said.
On the occasion, organiser of the programme and former head department of English Prof Hameeda Nayeem highlighted the issues confronting the women in Kashmir.
She said the Civil Society Advisory Group would announce a commission on March 11. “The commission will bring out a report on the issues confronting women across the world.
“The most important highlights of the report are the efforts for elimination of all forms of discrimination done against women and providing international framework in providing gender equality and women empowerment through rights and freedom,” she said.

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