An Open letter to politicians of Kashmir

An Open letter to politicians of Kashmir

It’s Time to wake up from your Slumber!

By Irfann Khadim

It has been a great distress for the whole valley since   Burhan Wani’s and others’ Martyrdom. In fact, it has been very inhumane for the dwellers of Kashmir because of the continuous killings, torture and terror. But unfortunately our politicians still care to enjoy their luxuries. Their children are nested at safer places. The the question that arises is: who gets crushed and crumbled? Who becomes the victim of violence and despotism? If I ask a question to all those politicians who have been elected either earlier or today by the Kashmiri’s themselves, why don’t you address or support the demand of the people?

If Kashmiri’s want self determination on the basis of the UN resolutions, then why do our elected representatives stay mum? Why don’t they face hardships when entire Kashmir is facing tyranny? Why don’t you burst into tears when our youth are laid to an eternal rest? Why are you not mourning when everyone mourns here? Why are you still enjoying one meal and seven dishes? Are not you t part of Kashmir? Have you not  been elected  by the people of  Kashmir, whose budding children have been mercilessly killed, intentionally blinded, and consciously detained? How many are lingering in the jails and how many are lying on the beds??
Do you know,  dear Politicians, it is all happening!

If non Kashmiri’s like Arundhati Roy or  Sitaram Yechury or Assaduddin Awaisi can speak for Kashmiris, then why do you hesitate and what stops you to speak and stand u?  Or you prefer to be mute spectators?

You may not be feeling the pain of the huge loss of lives or for the loss of peace. But to remind you, the entire Kashmir is asking you to wake up now, to turn up  and give a voice to the voice of People. You have been elected, and to be elected means to be for the people.

Dear Politicians, come out of this slumber and prove that you too belong to Kashmir, and that you too want to get rid of this tyranny.

Tell me please , are  Kashmiris violating any international law and are not they respecting India’s the then Indian Prime Minister’s decision, Jawahar Lal Nehru,  who rendered the conflict over Kashmir to the United Nations and held  that Kashmiri’s be given a choice, to decide their future.  . How far is it going to happen with Kashmiri?

Kashmiri’s may not have any objection by abiding the resolution of United Nations resolutions. If these suggest and recommend Plebiscite over Kashmir then there should not been any objection either to India or Pakistan. Let the Plebiscite be held Kashmir’s future decided. But let it come and let justice be done.  Let’s not try to erase history. Who in the 21st century does not know history!

Dear Politicians, look, introspect and see. The bereaved mothers of this land are wailing and waiting for peace and tranquility.  History of Kashmir itself gets written after every innocent drop of blood and tear falls on the earth. None in the world can erase the history but one can surely make history!

Yours Sincerely,

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