Follow traffic management plan or face action: SP Traffic

Follow traffic management plan or face action: SP Traffic

By Riyaz Bhat
SRINAGAR: The traffic police on Saturday said that they will act tough against drivers who do not follow the prescribed Traffic Management Plan (TMP) laid down by the department to avoid traffic jams in the city.
While interacting with the press, the newly appointed Superintendent of Traffc Police Srinagar, Sargun Shukla, said the main reason for the traffic congestion in the Srinagar city were roadside parking and vendors occupying the footpath while forcing the pedestrians to walk on the road.
“Such bottlenecks are creating problem in regulating the traffic movement,” the Shukla said.
She said that the traffic police will introduce new measures which will lead to the smooth movement of traffic in the city.
“If people strictly follow traffic regulations, there would be minimal chances of traffic mess in the city. Like nowadays people buy car worth 10 lakh rupees but cannot afford to pay 10 rupees for the car parking. In Lal Chowk we have an enough space for the car parking but still many people park their card on roadsides,” Shukla said.
She said the traffic police was working 12 hours a day to ease the traffic congestion in the city.
“Some drivers are so arrogant that they don’t behave well with the traffic officials deployed at different places. Besides, many of they do not follow the traffic rules while taking turns near the diversions at different points,” she said.
Shukla said that the buses carrying overloaded passengers and the drivers not following the traffic signals will be also fined.
Stressing on awareness among general public the SP Traffic said that traffic police have created a Facebook page ‘Traffic police Srinagar City’, where people can post their complaints and also give suggestions to improve the traffic.

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