Jobless ‘fleeced’ in the name of affidavits

Jobless ‘fleeced’ in the name of affidavits

By Nusrat Sidiq
Srinagar: Attaching an affidavit to applications for permanent or temporary jobs or admissions to professional or general courses has become a norm but it has turned into a lucrative business for a horde of vendors. Usually, a signed affidavit must not be sold for more than Rs 50 but the vendors often sell them double the price to the gullible youngsters. Presently, the affidavits are selling like hot cakes against the recent advertisement to fill up posts on adhoc basis in the higher education department through nodal Amar Singh College in Srinagar. The last date for filling up forms is February 20.
According to the college notification, attaching an affidavit with the application form is a pre-requisite along-with the qualification certificates of the candidates.
Hordes of candidates are making beeline at the Lower Court complex at Bemina to fetch the required affidavits. “The rates vary from Rs 100 to 200 per affidavit. The fixed price is Rs 50, though,” said Adil Gulzar, an aspirant for assistant lecturer post in Education stream. Sources said that the vendors sell around 500 affidavits every day.
An official at Amar Singh College said that they receive around 15,000 applications every year for the academic arrangement in the Valley colleges. The arrangement is made every year at the beginning of the academic session.
Saiqa Farooq, an aspirant for lecturer post in English literature shared her own experience. She said that she and her friends were charged different rates for the same affidavit.
“There is no rate list and nobody to complain to. The jobless youth are fleeced with impunity,” said Muskaan Ibrahim.
Parvez Ahmed, head of court vendors association said the standard rate for affidavit ranges between Rs 50 and 60. “I don’t know who is charging exorbitantly. There are more than four hundred vendors,” he said

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