‘Study leave’ cancelled, officers ordered back to work

‘Study leave’ cancelled, officers ordered back to work
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SRINAGAR: The state government has issued an order recalling to duty all officers/officials who have gone on ‘study leave’ in violation of norms. The departments of general administration and finance, which sanction study leave for an officer/official, have said that proposals for study leave were received ‘belatedly’ and hence the leaves are unauthorised.
The two departments, according to SRO-274, rule-73(2) of Jammu & Kashmir Civil Service (Leave Rules), 1979, grant leave to an officer/official who desires to study outside India or within the country. The leave proposal is sent to the two departments along with the recommendation of the administrative department.
In a recent order, the two departments have observed that proposals of study leave were received belatedly in the general administration department and the finance department for concurrence. “As a result, the officer(s)/officials(s) are left with no choice but to join the institution within the prescribed time… (the leaves were) without the concurrence of the General Administration Department and the Finance Department in violation of norms,” reads the order.
Commissioner Secretary to the government, Khurshid Ahmad, signed the order which impressed upon all the administrative secretaries to submit study leave case(s) to the finance and the general administration departments for their concurrence in advance.
He instructed all the departments that an officer should not proceed for study leave without first fulfilling requisite formalities.
“It is impressed upon all the Administrative Secretaries to submit the study leave case(s) to the Finance Department and the General Administration Department for their concurrence in advance and within the stipulated time-frame to ensure that the officer(s)/official(s) proceed for the study outside the State only after fulfilling all the laid down requisite formalities,” Ahmad’s order said.
The copy of the order was sent to the principal secretary to the chief minister, to all administrative secretaries, to the director of archives, archaeology and museums, to the private secretary to the chief secretary, and to the private secretary to the secretary to the government.

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