Doctors remove seven iron nails from man’s stomach

Doctors remove seven iron nails from man’s stomach

ANANTNAG: Doctors at the district hospital Anantnag removed seven iron nails from the stomach of a 30-year-old man, Parvaiz Ahmed Malik, who had been admitted to the hospital with complaints of gastrointestinal bleeding last week.
Parvaiz had a history of epileptic fits and had been taking anti-epileptic medicines for the past 15 years. His brother Tariq Ahmed said the family had never been to a faith healer and had been receiving normal allopathic treatment.
“But we have no idea of how he consumed these nails,” he said.
Dr Mohammad Shafi Hakeem, who led the team that removed the nails, said he asked Parvaiz a few questions prior to carrying out preliminary stomach examination and anesthesia check.
“To our surprise he said that a quack had told him to keep a long iron nail between the teeth whenever he felt a fit. He said ‘after the attack was over I had no idea where the nail would go’. These nails piled up in the stomach over years,” the doctor said.
Seven nails were removed during three endoscopic procedures. Doctors will conduct the fourth on Monday to remove the eighth nail that is still lodged inside the stomach.
The nails had caused multiple erosions, which were bleeding, in the lower part of the stomach.
About 80% of foreign objects that cross the upper part of esophagus, which is the narrowest part of the gastrointestinal track, are expelled out of the body but any foreign body longer than 2.5cms gets obstructed at critical areas of the tract and have to be removed as they might cause bleeding, perforations and obstruction.
“Ours is a peripheral hospital where such invasive procedure is tough and challenging in view of weak infrastructure. To be honest I had to bring this equipment from one of the tertiary hospitals where I had worked previously,” said Dr Hilal who was part of the team.
“During my experience at the district hospital Anantnag, I have removed a lot of foreign bodies especially impacted meat boluses, coins, needles and now long metallic nails,” said Dr Mohammad Shafi Hakeem. Besides Dr Mohammad Shafi and Dr Hilal, the team comprised Laiq Ahmed, endoscopic assistant; Itqraj Ahmed, computer assistant and Javid Ahmed, a lab assistant.

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