83 drugs found substandard in two years

83 drugs found substandard in two years
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Govt aware of nexus between medicos and pharma companies
JAMMU: As many as 83 drugs sold in the state have been were found to be sub-standard and misbranded during the last two years, the government informed the state legislature on Tuesday.
Replying to a question in upper house, Health Minister, Bali Bhagat admitted that there was a nexus between doctors and private pharmaceutical agencies in the state, resulting in medicos prescribing medicines of specific companies.
He informed that, “During 2015-16, 35 drugs were tested and found to be substandard, while during the same period 15 drugs were found to be misbranded or having labelling errors.”
“In 2016-17, 14 drugs were found substandard, 19 as misbranded or having labelling errors,” he said.
“We are aware about the nexus between doctors and private pharmaceutical companies, forcing patients to purchase drugs prescribed by them other than the free drugs available in the government hospitals,” Bhagat said adding that most of the cases were under investigation or some are sub-judice,” he asserted.
He said that government is introducing introduced prescription audit through carbonless OPD slips which were under procurement and.

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