Traffic police to issue ‘Vehicle Checked’ stickers

Traffic police to issue ‘Vehicle Checked’ stickers
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SRINAGAR: Inter-state transport vehicles, including tourist vehicles, will now have to bear a special sticker marking ‘Vehicle Checked’ to ply inside the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the state traffic department said on Wednesday.
In view of the fresh guidelines, the vehicles will be checked at Lakhanpur once and will be issued the sticker – to be pasted on the windscreen – by a team of traffic police officers headed by an officer not less than inspector rank.
“These vehicles shall not be stopped for checking thereafter anywhere in the state except under exceptions,” a traffic official said.
The move, according to traffic officials, will regulate traffic movement of interstate vehicles in the state.
According to the guidelines, issued by Traffic Headquarters, other vehicles within the state can also be checked once for all by a team of traffic police officers. “These vehicles will also be issued a sticker or slip and shall not be subjected to any further checking thereafter anywhere in the state,” the official said.
The guidelines also prevent any traffic police official other than a Gazetted Officer to individually challan or check vehicles anywhere in the state.
Also, to ensure transparency in the enforcement work, the checking has to be done in a group in full public view and the challaning officers have to ensure videography or photography of the work, the traffic department has said.
The vehicles are to be checked under exceptions, the police said, such as if a driver exhibits negligent driving or visible overloading, roof topping, passengers hanging outside, use of mobile phone while driving, not wearing seat belt, obstructing free flow of traffic, triple-riding on two-wheelers, not wearing a crash helmet, plying vehicle without registration number, red light jumping, use of tinted glasses or black films, wrong parking, using pressure or shrill horn, without uniform, or any other visible offence.

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